Are you tired of asking for a custom design, and then getting back nothing but angles and channels welded together? The disappointing truth is that most facilities lack the full range of equipment to manufacture a true optimal design, and instead provide a result that is limited by their capabilities.

At Cox Metalworks, we have machinery in house to handle CNC and manual punching of thin gauge sheet metal up to 3/8” plate. We can CNC plasma cut up to 1/2” plate. We have our own machine shop and forming equipment. Our full range of equipment allows us to produce custom designs that other shops could only dream of.

Fanuc S-420iw Material handling robotCox Metalworks can provide solutions that can’t be found anywhere else. We have the in house resources to completely design and develop a product that meets custom requirements. Having one full service facility to design, fabricate, and assemble not only reduces production time, but eliminates the headache of coordinating multiple vendors.

The full range of shop equipment on our manufacturing floor includes CNC punching and plasma cutting for high speed, high volume production. In the design stage, we utilize Autodesk Inventor for 3D modeling and FEA. Our designs are optimized for production, considering material usage, nesting, and required tolerances. We frequently deal with APEGBC engineering partners for quick and efficient sign-off of new designs. Our experience in custom design means we know how to get the product right with no revisions, and the end user receives their goods on time.

Canada Line Integrated WalkwayIn many cases, customers come to us because they are tired of reworking products they are supplied by other manufacturers. If you currently buy a product that is not 100% perfect, ask yourself why.

Our in house design team can provide cost effective solutions to your current problems. A few intelligent changes can optimize a design, and reduce reworking and frustration. We have designed customs extrusions, utilized properties of new materials, and reduced material waste for our customers.

Equipment capabilities in house are ample for the most complex custom fabrication projects. The practical experience of our fabricators and welders ensures your projects are completed in the best possible way.

Custom fabricated fuel rack.Many customers come to us with a complete set of plans, requiring timely fabrication of their designs.

Whether it’s a one-off, or 1000 units per month, our team of experienced fabricators and welders is ready to produce a consistent high level of quality.

All fabrication is done using in house equipment, meaning no waiting for a middleman, and a lower cost per unit. We have redundancy on all major equipment, so there is no risk of a breakdown impacting production runs. Finally, you can expect a quicker turnaround since all operations are done by one full-service facility.